40 Under 40 - Food Industry: Nicola Olivieri

40 Under 40 - Food Industry: Nicola Olivieri

Nicola Oliveri: our pastry chef and Ceo honored among the 40 under 40 protagonsti in the Italian food and beverage world.
We are pleased to announce that our Ceo Nicola Olivieri was recently featured in Fortune Italia among the forty young stars of the Italian gastronomic scene.

#lievitatidautorePastry chef and entrepreneur, Nicola Olivieri has picked up the baton from previous generations at the helm of the historic family bakery (one would say today) namely Olivieri 1882 in Arzignano, Vicenza, Italy. A multiple award-winning producer of excellent leavened goods, it ranges from pastries to breakfast, from pizza to bread to large recurrence products. Born in 1986 and raised in the workshop amid the scents of cakes and breads, Nicola rediscovered his passion for leavened goods during a stint in Australia. And upon his return he helped rethink the family business by integrating new projects. Since 2014, the young pastry chef has also dedicated himself to professional consulting and strengthens his presence at events, with a few appearances on television. The dedication to work, passed down from the family, and the continuous search for excellence in the world of yeast products have been rewarded over the years by winning various awards.”

This recognition by Fortune Italy is further testimony to Nicola's hard work and dedication.


Olivieri 1882